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90 LB Gas Spring-7-Inch-Eberhard Powerise™ 8700
90 LB gas spring, 7 inch stroke-comes with 2 metal ball studs and 2 retaining clips.

The Eberhard Powerise™ 90 LB gas spring is a purely pneumatic gas spring with a self-lubricating piston rod as the only moving part.  

This gas spring acts like a compression-type spring, delivering more consistent force through the entire stroke due to the inherent self-regulating nature of the gas spring design.

The compression spring action is accomplished by the internal gas pressure working on the rod area only. The pressure of the gas is altered within specified ranges, and acts as a counterbalance device that enables it to support a wide of a variety of applications including:

  • Motor/generator shroud supports
  • Portable compressor gas springs
  • Concession trailer door support
  • RV awning supports, compartment door supports, engine cover lifts and cabinet door assists
  • Truck tool box gas springs
  • Truck & trailer lift assists
  • Truck Cap/Tonneau cover lid lift struts/supports/props
  • Engine cover lift supports
  • Access panel door gas struts on commercial/utility trucks

Eberhard Powerise™ 8700 90 LB Gas Spring Specifications
The Powerise™ Pneu-Spring is a 90 LB gas spring with a 7 inch stroke comprised of a piston and rod in a cylinder, loaded with an inert gas and oil at the factory, then hermetically sealed

  • 90 LB force
  • 7 inch stroke length
    Self-dampening gas spring- the cushioned end motion reduces shock to a minimum.
  • Supplied with metal end fittings
  • Comes with 2 metal ball studs and 2 retaining clips
  • Compressed Length: 12.63 in.
  • Extended Length: 19.63 in.
  • Rod Diameter: 0.32 in.
  • Cylinder Diameter: 0.75 in.