Truck and Trailer Latches


We stock a wide selection of Slam Latches, Draw Latches and Catches, Locking and Non-Locking T Latches, as well as Locking and Non-Locking Trigger Latches.

Our line of Eberhard Eclipse Latches includes lift-and turn-design, squeeze latch design, hook design and paddle designs.

Paddle Handle latches are available in locking and non-locking versions and paddle rotary latch styles.

Industrial Hardware’s extensive line of Rotary Latches include single rotor and dual rotary latches, mini rotary latches and release linkages in multiple materials and finishes.

Our inventory of latches are ideal for every industrial latching and locking latch needs including:

  • Compartment door latches
  • Cabinet door latches
  • Marine latches / Boat compartment latches
  • Work truck compartment door latches
  • Bus baggage compartment latches
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